Benton Capital offers a Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) loan program for fixed rate mortgage loans up to $25,000,000 for the construction and renovation of commercial properties with energy efficiency and renewal energy improvements through ReBar Captial. 

Improvements financed under a C-PACE loan include:

C-PACE programs are clean energy initiatives adopted by state and local governments to encourage investment in energy conservation projects. C-PACE addresses two major roadblocks limiting clean energy investment by commercial property owners: the high cost of capital, and a hesitancy to make long-term investments that are only recoverable over a long holding period.

programs serve a public purpose by encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy investment through attractive financing. Additional benefits to the municipality include:

  • Reduced pollution

  • Improved energy conservation, and

  • Job creation.

California and Connecticut have the most active C-PACE programs, and other states like Florida, Colorado, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland, Ohio, and Wisconsin have active programs, too. Many more programs are coming on line.

Benefits For Property Owners:

  • Non-Recourse, 100% financing for hard and soft project costs.

  • At 6% to 6.75%, lower cost of capital than Mezzanine debt (10-14%) or equity (18-25%), which it replaces.

  • As a tax assessment, property owners to pass financing costs to tenants under most lease types.

  • May reduce replacement reserves required under the senior mortgage.

  • Transfer with the property when sold.